2022.10.30 Sun.
2pm to 7pm (doors at 1:30)

-Free to watch /
No reservations required
- Come directly to the venue
- Will be held rain or shine,
but cancelled in stormy weather

Let the dancers leap!
Let the festival sounds ring out!

Shishimai, ohayashi, kagura,
kabuki and other
folk performing arts.
A concert by artists transforming
Japanese traditional music
new forms of expression.
See the dramatic dance movements,
hear the sounds and rhythms,
and feel the breath and
energy of the festivals.

  • Nagasaki Shishi Ren

    Nagasaki Shishi Ren
    【Toshima-ku, Tokyo】

  • Fujimoto-bayashi Renchu

    Fujimoto-bayashi Renchu
    【Toshima-ku, Tokyo】

  • Zoshigaya Kishimojin Oeshiki Rengo-kai

    Zoshigaya Kishimojin Oeshiki Rengo-kai
    【Toshima-ku, Tokyo】

  • Futagoryu Tokyo Onikenbai

    Futagoryu Tokyo Onikenbai
    【Kitakami region, Iwate】

  • Kagura-no-tomo

    【Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】

  • Sugao Kabuki Sugao Ichiza

    Sugao Kabuki Sugao Ichiza
    【Akiruno-shi, Tokyo】

  • Ukichi Takano and Chichibu Shachu

    Ukichi Takano and Chichibu Shachu
    【Chichibu-shi, Saitama】

  • Oyama-kai Seinenbu

    Oyama-kai Seinenbu

  • Masafumi Saito

    Masafumi Saito

  • Asakusa Zatsugeidan + Suzume no Tears with Remon Nakanishi

    Asakusa Zatsugeidan + Suzume no Tears with Remon Nakanishi

*In the case of circumstances beyond our control,
the event may be cancelled or have a lineup
change without advance notice.

1-8-26 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku,
Tokyo 171-0021

1-minute walk from Exit 2a of Ikebukuro Station
(JR, Tobu Tojo, and Seibu Ikebukuro lines
as well as Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin,
Marunouchi, and Yurakucho lines)

Please watch archived videos
from the Youtube playlist.

Organizers|Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation
/ Toshima City / Tokyo Festival Executive
[Toshima City /
Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation /
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation
for History and Culture
(Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
/ Arts Council Tokyo) / Tokyo Metropolitan
Planning and Production|
Japan Folk Performing Arts Association
Support|Supported by the Agency
for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan in fiscal 2022
Sponsor | Asahi Group Japan, Ltd.
Cooperation | Yoronotaki Co., Ltd.

Contact Us

Project Planning Group,
Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation
Toshima Civic Center,
1-20-10 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima City
TEL: 03-3590-7118 (weekdays 10–17)
MAIL: event@toshima-mirai.or.jp

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